Columbia Road Flower Market

The Columbia Road Flower Market has changed significantly from its origins. Originally established as part of the area’s Saturday trading market, economic decline in the 1970s compelled the Flower Market to evolve. Thanks to the contributions of the Jewish community, the Market moved to Sundays and grew to international renown by the 1980s.

When you enter the market, you would immediately notice the established market vendors shouting quirky comments into the crowds to attract attention to their stalls. The beauty of this place is the buzz of the atmosphere, the scents and scenes of the flowers, and the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It is also unique, being the only flower market of its kind in London.

If you’re hoping to pick up some flowers at budget prices, head to the flower market later in the afternoon. Around 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., the vendors are typically starting to pack up their goods for the day, marking the start of the fire sale. You can pick up bundles of roses, peonies and more for bottom-of-the-barrel prices.

Visitors here would do well also to check out the nearby Brick Lane Market, which also runs on Sundays.

The Columbia Road Flower market is located a bit away from all overground and underground stations. For individuals who aren’t keen on walking as much, try mapping out a bus route or take a taxi to drop you off closer to the market. If you enjoy a stroll, the nearest Overground stations are Cambridge Heath Station and Shoreditch High Street, while the nearest Underground stations are Old Street and Bethnal Green.